Kiosk Issues

Updated 2 years ago by Triana Kalmanoff

Kiosk Usage Issues

For questions regarding services, programs, and eligibility, please contact the program directly.

If you're unsure how to use the kiosk, you can read more here.

Kiosk Technical Issues

If you are experiencing technical issues of any kind, please let the nearest staff person know. They will be able to contact the technology servicer. Technical issues include:

  • If the kiosk computer does not start
  • If your kiosk reboots and does not come back online
  • If your kiosk is having difficulty connecting to the wifi
  • If an application (like Zoom) will not load

Printer Issues

If your printer is out of paper, toner, or if you're experiencing another issue, please contact the nearest staff member. They will coordinate the resupply and can contact the printer servicer if something is not functioning.

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